The Rules of GETTING Someone...

As in the writings of upper Victorian socialites, I must introduce the following guidelines to be used in the action of "Getting" another Human that has interfered with your life (or when for any reason you want to interfere with theirs).




You do not need a reason to get someone. It is obviously easier on your conscience, but not necessary. The person to be GETTED is the Target, hereafter known as the Bull or Cow.

You might GET yourself in the act of getting someone. Once you have started the process as the instigator, the results can be unpredictable.

You might also GET innocent bystanders incidentally. That's OK, it's part of the deal. Who said life is fair?


For example, If you desire to get someone drunk, whether for spousal abuse or pointing out dumbness, you yourself may have to get drunk. Dumbness could be a bad example, but please refer to The Dumb Beam Theory page on this.

It is totally acceptable to GET someone else (the FATTED CALF) while getting the original BULL/COW.

Further example, entice other patrons to get drunk so the BULL does not feel to be a tethered GOAT.

Get the idea yet? (If you have ever observed the behavior of cats, or played a practical joke in your life, you will know where this is coming from.)

Please go to the Getting discussion page, where you can add your experiance (whatever side you were on) or read about others